Founded by four friends who use their combined knowledge of interiors, design and construction to create outstanding, innovative and unique properties.


Our aim is simple. To develop properties for the 21st century lifestyle.  PS4 is in its 6th year and this is the realisation of our dreams and hard work. It has been difficult at times but we make sure we balance out and have fun too and importantly always searching for our next challenge.

Rhiannon and Annie founded the brand after knowing each other for 20 years in their former careers in the London fashion world, they wanted to escape the rat race and have a change of pace in Devon.

PS becomes a 4 with Damon & the Nomads joining as the construction partner.

 As a team we promise to bring you a property with an inspired extraordinary uniqueness should you ever require a refresh and a re-wire , the choice is yours and we can certainly help along the way.